Fiber laser cutting machine height adjuster function – Catherine

Fiber laser cutting machine height adjuster function

When the fiber laser cutting machine is used, the cutting head will travel according to the set cutting trajectory. But the laser cutting head height needs to adjust and controll under different materials. And different thicknesses and different cutting methods. Then the distance between the cutting nozzle and the surface of the cutting workpiece is one of the main factors determining the quality of the cutting and the cutting speed. Then fiber laser cutting machine height adjuster function

The fiber laser cutting machine selects the appropriate cutting nozzle model and air pressure parameter according to the cutting condition. And the height between the cutting head and the steel plate. Then it is necessary to increase or decrease according to the thickness of the cutting material. For steel plates of different thicknesses, different parameters used. And the cutting tip should adjust to the corresponding height.

During the use of the fiber laser cutting machine, in order to ensure a high quality cut.

And the height of the cutting tip to the surface of the cut workpiece must keep substantially the same. Because the speed of the laser cutting machine is fast, the operator can see with the eyes. And the operation mode of the hand adjustment cannot accurately controll. And the reaction speed is certainly not up to standard. Especially when cutting a thin plate or the surface of the material has a grain, the flatness is not high. Or the cutting processing environment limit, it is very important to keep the cutting height stable.
In order to make up for the problem of inaccurate control of the manual adjustment of the cutting height. And the current fiber laser cutting machine will equip with an imported follow-up capacitor height adjuster. Then no matter how thick the plate is cut. And the height is consistent with the capacitor height-adjusting cutting head.
The principle of the capacitance adjustment is that the capacitance between the capacitive sensing ring and the steel plate to be cut is formed between the two plates, and the size of the capacitor is related to the distance between the two.