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Fiber laser cutting machine cutting quality problematic processing method

The parameters of the fiber laser cutting machine that affect the cutting quality are: cutting height, cutting nozzle model, focus position, cutting power, cutting frequency, cutting duty ratio, cutting pressure and cutting rate. And hardware prerequisites are: maintenance of lenses, gas purity, sheet quality, collection mirrors and collimating mirrors. Then fiber laser cutting machine cutting quality problematic processing method.
Ordinary introspection when the cutting quality is not good. And the main reflections and procedures of common reflection:

1. Cutting height

(It recommends that the actual cutting height be between 0.8 and 1.2 mm). If the actual cutting height is forbidden, calibration require.

2. Cutting mouth

Investigate whether the model and size of the cutting nozzle are wrong. If it is correct, check whether the cutting nozzle damage and whether the roundness deform.

3. Light heart

So it recommends to use a cutting torch with a diameter of 1.0 for light center reflection. When reflecting the optical center, the focus is preferably between -1 and 1.2. And the light spot that score in this way is small and easy to see.

4. Maintenance lenses

Investigate whether the maintenance lens is clean and requires no oil and no slag. And sometimes the lens fog due to the cold weather or the cause of the air.

5. Focus

Introspect the focus is set correctly. Then if it is an active focus cutting head, you must use the mobile phone APP to check whether the focus is correct.

6. Change cutting parameters

After all the above reflections and no problems. And the parameters are changed in a targeted manner.