Glasses plastic uv laser marking machine,glasses bottle and plastic marking-Jill

Glasses plastic uv laser marking machine,glasses bottle and plastic marking

fiber laser marking machine can mark on any metal .

Also,it can also mark some hard plastic,such as abs.

However,uv can mark on glasses bottle and plastic.



Also plastic is special material.

Therefore if customer need to mark on plastic,they need to test.

①firstly,fiber Raycus

In fact,Fiber Raycus is the  cheapest.

However the plastic marking effect is not good.

Also sometimes it can not mark.

②Secondly,Fiber Mopa

Fiber Mopa is a little expensive than  fiber Raycus.

However the effect is better than Mopa.

③laser powder

If want to use fiber to mark on plastic,you need laser powder.

It can help fiber to mark a good effect on plastic.


However,uv no need to test and no need powder.uv is the best for plastic.

Fiber laser

Firstly,we share fiber working videos.

After add laser powder,fiber laser marking video:

uv laser

secondly,we share uv laser videos.


Secondly,it is glasses.

CO2 glavo head marking machine  and CO2 engraving machine.

This 2 machine can mark on glasses.

But we do not suggest.

For glasses marking,uv laser is the best.

Below is the comparison between CO2 galvo and uv laser.

uv laser

Firstly,let us see uv laser.

Firstly,uv glasss marking videos:


co2 laser

And then,it is co2 laser.

And then,we share Co2 engraving machine marking videos.


3.Other material.

Besides,uv laser can also mark on other materials.

Such as,Rubber,leather notebook,pen,etc.,

And then we share uv laser marking videos for your reference:

Last but not the least,we have many kinds of machine.

Also hope we can help you.

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