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Fiber laser cutting machine cutting a circular hole specific considerations

In recent years, with the rapid development of laser cutting machines, more and more customers have begun to use fiber laser cutting machines to cut round holes. And the fiber laser cutting machine not only cuts the smooth cut surface, but also has a variable aperture and flexible processing. And which is the choice of cutting round holes. Then fiber laser cutting machine cutting a circular hole specific considerations.

However, the laser cutting of the circular hole is not as simple as one thinks. And it is also a matter of time when the circular hole is irregular and the verticality is insufficient. Therefore, the following is the problem of cutting the round hole to give you an analysis of the reasons and precautions.

1. The round hole is too small.

Laser cutting equipment is the best solution for cutting 1:1 holes. Then the larger the hole diameter, the better the cutting. When the laser cutting machine with insufficient capacity cuts the small hole. And there will be irregular round holes and too many residual points.

2. Gas pressure is too high or too low

If the gas pressure is too high, this hole will be larger than we need. If the pressure is too small, the cutting edge will become rough and the burning will be severe. Therefore, selecting a suitable air pressure is one of the methods to solve the irregularity of circular hole cutting.

3. Servo motor parameters

Many of the parameters of a servo motor are related to arc motion, and improper parameters can result in an elliptical or irregular shape of the cutting hole.

4. The precision of the lead screw or guide rail is not enough

The manufacturing level of the cutting machine is low, which makes the laser cutting machine less than 0.1mm, so the precision of the circular hole is not up to standard.

Therefore, in discriminating the quality of the fiber laser cutting machine, by observing the condition of laser cutting the circular hole, it is determined whether the quality of the laser cutting machine should be removed, the cutting precision, the cutting speed and the like, thereby determining the quality of the laser cutting machine.

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