Fiber laser cutting machine commonly used tips – Catherine

Fiber laser cutting machine commonly used tips

It is summed up in the actual use case and has high operability. Of course, there are still some differences between the skills and the actual situation. When using it, we must also take into account the actual situation. Fiber laser cutting machine commonly used tips. Everything starts from reality:
1) The double focal length laser cutting head is a fragile item on the laser cutting machine, which use for a long time. And resulting in damage to the laser cutting head.
2) Check the straightness of the track of the fiber laser cutting machine and the verticality of the machine every six months. And find that the maintenance and debugging are not normal. If you don’t do this, it is possible that the effect of cutting out is not so good. And the error will increase, and the cutting quality will affect. Then this is a top priority and must done.

3) Use a vacuum cleaner to absorb dust and dirt from the machine once a week. All electrical cabinets should kept clean and dustproof.
4) Always check the fiber strip of the fiber laser cutting machine, and ensure that it is tight. Otherwise, if there is a problem in the operation, it may hurt people and seriously lead to death. The steel strip looks like a small thing, and the problem is still a bit serious.
5) The guide rails of the fiber laser cutting machine should clean frequently to eliminate dust and other debris. Then to ensure that the normal rack of the equipment should wipe regularly. And the lubricating oil add to ensure lubrication without debris. And the guide rails should be cleaned and lubricated frequently, and the motor should clean and lubricate frequently. The machine can move better during the process of travel, more accurate cutting. And the quality of the cut products will improve.