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Fiber laser cutter machine working in industries

Fiber laser cutter machine working in industries.

With the integration and adjustment of the sheet metal manufacturing industry, the future market demand for laser cutting machines will become larger and larger.

Following four industries.

Firstly, sheet metal processing.

Laser cutting machine has the advantages of high precision, high speed, especially flexible processing (no need to open the mold),. And it has become the development direction of sheet metal processing technology. The high cost performance of laser is unique in the sheet metal industry and is greatly favored by sheet metal enterprises. Laser equipment has become a strong guarantee for business orders of sheet metal processing centers.

Secondly,Automobile manufacturing.

The automotive industry is a high-tech industry. Laser is an advance manufacturing method. In European and American industrial countries, 50% to 70% of auto parts cutting with laser processing. The automotive industry mainly uses laser welding. And laser cutting are the main processing methods, including plane cutting and three-dimensional cutting.

Thirdly, petroleum pipes.

Laser cutting of petroleum sieves is one of the typical applications of laser cutting technology in the petrochemical industry. During oil drilling, sand control in loose formations is one of the most critical parts in the design of well completion and production engineering. Generally, a large number of small gaps are around the pipe to block most of the sand layer. The important feature of laser cutting of pipes is that it can cut gradient-type slits with wide width and narrow width, or narrow width and narrow width, so that the petroleum sieve pipe has better performance.

Fourthly, agricultural machinery.

Many agricultural machinery manufacturers in the United States, Italy, Ireland, South Korea, Malaysia, China and the United Kingdom have adopted laser cutting machines for processing, which has accelerated the speed of design updates, improved product quality, and greatly reduced costs. The market demand responded faster.

In fact, there are many industries in life that can use laser cutting technology, such as the advertising industry, cabinets, electrical cabinets, etc.

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