What are the features of laser cutting machine?-Claudia

What are the features of laser cutting machines?

What are the features of laser cutting machines?

How to solve problems about CO2 cutting machine

• Firstly,Cutting speed: high-speed sheet cutting, the maximum cutting speed of 1mm sheet can reach 60m / min.

• High-speed perforation: A variety of high-efficiency perforation processes with “0” seconds perforation and no deceleration cutting.

• Retract function: It can be re-cut along the original processing path to effectively avoid scrapping of machined parts.

• Nozzle cleaning: Automatic nozzle cleaning during cutting, processing and cutting can be continued after cleaning.

• Sheet nesting typesetting: The program for writing complex parts is simple, smooth, simple to operate, and powerful.

• Then,Automatic patrol: automatically calculates the angle between the plate and the machine coordinates, and rotates the coordinate system to process the plate, eliminating the need for traditional calibration of the plate.

• Handheld unit: A self-developed dedicated handheld unit with user-friendly design and easy adjustment of process parameters.

• Finally,Cutting gas control: advanced integrated high pressure proportional valve control, accurate and efficient.

If you want to change some traditional machines,then it is your right choice to choose fiber laser.

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