Pay Attention to Fiber Laser Cutting Machine-Nancy

Pay Attention to Fiber Laser Cutting Machine-Nancy

Pay attention to fiber laser cutting machine-Nancy

Most of people will feel confused when they plan to import machine or laser machine from China because they always get big different prices even on same specifications. So what should I do when I facing so many suppliers?

Now I give you several suggestions on fiber laser cutting machine.

1.Each company has their main products. In general, suppliers always have more experiences on their main products. First confirm what kind of machine you are looking for.

Check their official website. China suppliers prefer to putting their main products (machines) on their website main page.

If there some CNC,CO2,plasma,etc on the main page,that means they are not professional on fiber laser cutting machine.

Check the main products information. If information is complete and professional, okay, you can consider to contact them to check their service.

2.Actually,in market now,almost suppliers use the same main parts.

Like,laser source,IPG,Raycus,nLIGHT,etc.Like laser head,Raytools,Precitec,etc.

So maybe from the specification,you can not see the machine difference.

But the details will decide the machine can work long time or not.Also can show the supplier want to sell machine or want to service you.

The professional suppliers will have more details,to help customers have better using experience.Improve working efficiency.

3.Talk with the sales person who contact with you.

If this sales person only want to sell expensive machine to you,not to ask your requirements,then means he will not be responsible for you.

Why you buy from him or her?

Should confirm the requirements firstly,then offer the suitable solution and price.

So do not be confused by those suppliers.Remember you need a real machine can work well in your factory.

Hope you know more from above information, more info you also can contact me:

Whatsapp:+86 17854271909.

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