Why you need a high power fiber laser cutting machine – Elena

Improved Edge Quality

Since the introduction of fiber laser technology, improving edge quality has continued to be a focus. Fabricators became accustomed to CO2 laser machines offering a fantastic edge quality. To follow suit, solid state laser technology has been striving to achieve the same. (range)

As you progress to higher power levels with fiber lasers, the part edge quality is visibly smoother and cleaner, now more similar to CO2 laser-cut parts. This combination of high power and high speed creates a scenario that dross issues can go away, making the parts edge smoother and cleaner. The improved edge quality with high power is being seen throughout the entire cutting range.

Now which laser-cutting applications see these high power laser benefits most?

Ideal Applications

Aluminum Edge Quality High Power Laser(range)

Since high power allows for faster cut speeds in mid-range material, an increase cut range and improve part quality, high power fiber laser machines are ideal for high volume OEM applications and performance job shops.
Applications with longer run times will take advantage of the faster cut rates achieved with higher power lasers. This includes applications where the parts have numerous holes or if the parts are very detail which requires a great deal of piercing.

Another application that is ideal for high power laser-cutting is thicker aluminum parts. When high power laser-cutting and compressed air are combined to cut aluminum. It offers a superior, smoother edge quality with significantly less dross.
Specific applications situations can be further discuss with your Mazak regional manager.


Overall, high power lasers offer an increased cutting range, the ability to cut thicker with nitrogen and compressed air, higher speed cutting, faster piercing times, and improved part edge quality. All these high power advantages increase laser-cutting throughput and reduce the cost-per-part.

Now the question is, why not high power?

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