Fiber Laser requirements for cooling water-Max

Laser requirements for cooling water

The laser cooling water temperature must be above the dew point temperature. That is the basic requirements.

Please pay attention to avoid condensation on the inside and outside of the cooling laser.  when you use your own air conditioner.

Self-contained lasers may still cause condensation in the internal environment.

There are many lasers with self air conditioner. So when you use this kind of laser in the working environment, the cooling and dehumidification of the air conditioner greatly reduces the dew point temperature of the environment inside the laser. Generally, the cooling temperature of the industrial air conditioner is the same as the cooling water temperature.

When temperature is lower than 38 °C,  air conditioner can maintain the safety of the environment inside the laser. But the surface of the laser casing may have condensation. If the condensation does not form a flowing water droplet, it is safe. If there is a large amount of flowing water droplets and there is obvious water stain around the laser. So a safe and non-condensing working environment is a must for the air-conditioned laser.

When the ambient temperature is higher than 38 °C, the cooling capacity of the industrial air conditioner is not enough to maintain the safety of the environment inside the laser, and the internal environment condensation will still occur. After a long time, the external environment will also follow the condensation. Therefore, there is no obvious heat source around the laser.  And the hot air outlet of the water cooler cannot face the laser.

In order to eliminate the risk of condensation in the laser environment, you could configure a separate air conditioning room for the laser.
Avoid condensation on the processing head
If the processing is not normal when the season changes or the temperature changes greatly on the day, it can be checked whether the condensation inside the processing environment occurs.

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