3D Laser Machine—Tony

3D Laser Marking Machine

As the increasing 3D laser machine’ demand, more and more clients are gonna ask us about 3D laser marking machine.About 2D laser marking machine, people already been familiar with them. As the success of laser marking machine’s application, people become more and more not satisfied with the function of regular laser marking machine.

So what is 3D laser machine?

For the appearance,It looks very similar with normal fiber laser marking machine. But the galvo is bigger than normal 2d laser marking machine. It because the machine use a  special galvo, it doesn’t have a lens under the galvo. You can see the normal laser marking machine, there is a lens under the galvo. But for 3D laser marking machine. The lens is in inside of the galvo, and because it need to achieve more function than usual, so more components will in the galvo. Then it has a bigger galvo.

So what function 3D laser can do?

There are three types. Each type can do different work. And those functions are independent.

The first one is designed for large working area, the marking size can reach to 600mm *600mm or 800mm *800mm, although we called it 3D, but actually, it still use on flat sheet.

The second one can achieve mark on curve surface, even the object is not a flat shape, it can achieve marking. In another word, the object is a irregular shape thing. And the top has height difference. But it also can mark on it.

The third one is use for emboss, actually normal laser marking machine can achieve the emboss function in principle. But it is very complicated. The user need to adjust the machine lot of times. But use 3D laser marking machine it can achieve emboss the object very easily.

The machine’s price is higher than normal one, because, it is not only need to change the galvo, the control broad and control system also need to be changed.