Industrial Application of UV Laser Marking Systems-Lisa

Industrial Application of UV Laser Marking Systems-Lisa

Before discussing the industrial applications, let’s know what laser marking is. Laser marking is a process which to leave marks on an object. Which may also include the color change caused due to chemical or molecular alteration, foaming, melting or more. The method does not include the use of inks. It also does not use tool bits which contact the engraving surface and wear out. This gives it the advantage over other marking technologies where we use inks orbit heads which to be replaced regularly.

Laser marking has more pronounced impact on the laserable materials which specially designed and sometimes also for some paints. These materials may also include new metal alloys and polymers which are laser sensitive.

Sometimes, Laser marking can also used as a common term which covers a broad spectrum of surfacing techniques which include printing, hot-branding and laser bonding.

Here we are going to discuss a specific type of laser marking systems i.e. UV laser marking systems. Read on to learn the industrial applications of UV laser marking systems:


  • UV laser marker is known to provide extraordinary performance. This system represents the perfect solution for both the direct part marking and also label marking in almost every market segment. These market segments include automotive, healthcare, solar, medical or surgical tools marking, electronics as well as packaging and many other applications. For more information, you may search UV Laser Marking Machines.
  • UV laser marker systems are providing help in a varied range of industries right from the automotive industry to the healthcare and packaging. This can be the result of the feature that these systems provide power in different ranges. You may find a system according to the desired power range.
  • Some of the UV laser markers are available with the wavelength of around 355 nm. Due to the high repetition rate, they are particularly suitable for marking plastics. They can reach very high speeds. As high speed is indispensable for short cycle times in industrial manufacturing environments. These systems often used in those applications.
  • Also, they are capable of providing high peak powers, so one of the application area s for these systems are fine marking and structuring. They are used in such a way that there is no thermal impact on glass applications or ceramics.

  • An excellent quality for micro material processing and classical laser marking applications.
  • Due to their diverse features, they are also application in medical/ pharmaceutical and cosmetics industries. In these industries, these systems deter tampering and counterfeiting. These applications help to ensure lifetime brand protection and be traced.
  • UV laser marking systems find applications in those areas where high contracts marking and required coding. For example, an UV laser marking system can mark up to 250 products per minute without any distortion of code on the rotary devices.

Above mentioned application describe the ways how UV laser marking systems used in various industries. These systems use the extensive experience and success of its efficient components and represent the architecture of THG where THG stands for third harmonic generation. Many of these systems use the extra cavity technology which allows high-efficiency conversion of a nonlinear crystal and compactness of the laser source. If you wish to know more about them, you can search UV Laser Marking Systems.