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Thermal and cold processing of laser marking machine

Nowadays, marking patterns and text are no longer meticulously crafted word by word. Since people discovered the existence of laser, and it can be used in the processing of electronic components, instrumentation industry, automobile, aerospace industry and so on. Laser marking breaks through the limitations of the previous pneumatic marking and is more in line with the modern high-speed addition mode.

 The principle and application analysis of laser marking

Laser marking uses a high-energy laser beam to make permanent marks on the surface of the processed object. And there are two processing principles.

1, thermal processing laser marking

This method mainly uses the high-density energy source of the laser beam. The concentrated energy stream of the laser beam illuminates the surface of the object to process, thereby increasing the temperature of the surface or outer layer of the processed object or the coating of the atlas, resulting in a series of changes. In this way, the process of marking on the processed object realized.

2, cold processing laser marking

It refers to high-energy ultraviolet photons, which break the chemical bond inside the processed object or the chemical bond of the surrounding medium, thereby causing the processed object to undergo non-thermal process damage. This type of marking process will not produce heating and deformation effects on the inner layer and nearby areas of the processed object. For example, in the electronics industry, and a thin film of chemical substances deposited on the substrate material. These two different methods can complete the realization of the laser marking process.

Laser marking machine was born under the innovation of laser marking technology application. There si a great role in promoting the development of human civilization and the progress of society.


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