Handheld fiber laser welding machine,auto wire feeder laser welding machine-Jill

Handheld fiber laser welding machine,auto wire feeder-Jill

Now auto wire feeder laser welding machine is popular,it can achieve continus welding on metal.

Now 1kw and 1.5kw is the most popular.Auto wire feeder is very necessary too.

Here we introduce it in this article.


1.Machine picture

Firstly,we share machine picture.Handheld model.








2.Why auto wire feeder?

Secondly,we share the auto wire feeder.

Most customers will choose auto wire feeder,especially 1.5kw.
*sometimes the welding gap is big,so they need to add the wire feeder.
*sometimes u want a stronger welding strength,so u can add wire feeder.


3.Auto wire feeder pictures






4.And also,for auto wire feeder,you can check this video.








5.Wire roller diameter

Also,many customers ask for roller details.

Roller diameter up to 30cm. you can find it in local.


6.Auxiliary gas

And also,gas is necessary.

You can use Argon or Nitrogen.
Firstly,For material that is easy to be oxidized,Argon is better.
However,For usual material,there is no big difference in the welding effect.​​​​​​​


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