carbon steel processing—-fiber laser cutting machine:Charry | XTLASER

carbon steel processing—-fiber laser cutting machine:Charry

carbon steel processing—-fiber laser cutting machine

carbon steel processing—-fiber laser cutting machine.

At present, the output of carbon steel accounts for 80% of the national steel output. More and more construction projects such as construction, railway, automobile and shipbuilding use carbon steel as the main material. It has gradually become the earliest and most used material in modern industry. Its wide application, in addition to its own material advantages, is also inseparable from the laser cutting machine has a good cutting effect on carbon steel.

Carbon has carbon in it, it is not strong in light reflection, and the beam absorption is good. Therefore, carbon steel is the most suitable metal material for laser cutting machine in metal material. Of course, the cutting effect is also the best. Therefore, the position of the laser cutting machine in carbon steel processing is obviously.

With the acceleration of industrialization, the application of carbon steel will become more and more extensive. The traditional carbon steel processing process is complicated,resulting in cracking and delamination of carbon steel processing. The laser cutting machine equipment under the technology product is solving this problem in a difficult way, and goes deeper and deeper on the high-power road. The increase of power means that the technical difficulty of cutting thickness and cutting speed need to develop. Now, the thickness of laser-cut carbon steel plate can reach more than 30mm. The slit of cutting carbon steel by oxidative melting cutting mechanism can be controlled in a satisfactory width range.

Its advantages have also made it popular in the carbon steel processing industry.

1. The laser cutting machine has a stable body and high precision. The use of high-rigidity machine bed, cast aluminum beam, high temperature tempering and other processes to ensure high stability of the machine, thus ensuring its cutting accuracy.

2. Excellent performance. The cutting speed is fast, the precision is high, the cutting end face is smooth and beautiful, and there is basically no deformation.

3. Suitable for cutting a variety of materials. The laser cutting machine can cut not only carbon steel, but also stainless steel, alloy, brass, aluminum and other metal materials.