The Secrets Hidden In The Fiber Cutting Machine-Angelina

The Secrets Hidden In The Fiber Cutting Machine

Many customers choose only the working area, power, and fiber generator brands when choosing a fiber cutting machine.

Comparing prices on such limited conditions often raises questions about why the price gap between different manufacturers is so large.

In fact, in a fiber laser cutting machine, there are many hidden secrets that you cannot see.

1. Lathe Bed of fiber laser cutting machine

A good fiber cutting machine lathe bed can be used for 20 years without deformation.

This is because the lathe bed needs to undergo an annealing and stress-relieving process for nearly 20 days.

This process makes the lathe bed much stronger and less deformable. Just like cast sword, after thousands of times of fire hammers, it will become sharper.

In addition, a good lathe bed is tube & sheet welding, and the welded joint is tightly stitched.

That also make the lathe bed more stable.

Nowadays, in order to shorten the delivery period, many suppliers have short annealing and stress-relieving methods.

And use only tube welding, that will make the lathe bed easy to bend and has a short lifespan.

However, these details are not visible to the customer in the quotation.

Even you see the whole machine, it is difficult for the customer to distinguish the details from the surface.

If the customer needs to purchase the machine, we recommended go to visit the factory personally.

XT  lathe bed, every set has been annealed and destressed for 20 days, using thick plate welding.

Keeping your machine use stable for 20 years, XT is your first choice.

2. Driver system of fiber laser cutting machine

This is for the Tube and Sheet Fiber Cutting Machine.

As we all know, there is a chuck in front of and behind the rotary.

However, general rotary only has one single driver on the front chuck.

What will this cause?

Single drive will greatly affect the cutting precision and cutting speed of the pipe, making the cutting speed slow and the cutting precision poor.

Customers need to spend a lot of time on debugging each time.

The rotary of the XTTube and Sheet Fiber Cutting Machine adopts double drive with high cutting speed and high cutting precision.

You don’t need to waste time on debugging any more.

In fact, in a Fiber Cutting Machine, there are many other little secrets hidden, and I will come back to show next time.

Focusing on XT will help you choose the right machine.

Focus on XT, will not be lost in various choices, XT is a good partner for everyone.