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1000w fiber laser welding machine+Karina

1000w fiber laser welding machine 1000w fiber laser welding machine. From last year,the fiber laser welding machine is more and more popular~~Especially the handheld fiber laser welding machine. It is easy to operate,the welding edge is smooth,mostly no need second processing.And you can use hand to control the welding speed,angle,etc. Why the handheld laser welding […]

Laser Cutting Machine Solution-Damon

Laser Cutting Machine Solution-Now various industries such as light industry and heavy industry widely use the Laser cutting machines . At present, there are traditional cutting machines. Such as plasma cutting machines, flame cutting machines and laser cutting machines. In the metal cutting machine, there are currently traditional cutter cutting machines and laser cutting machines. […]

Running cost of fiber laser cutter-Flora

Running cost of fiber laser cutter When fiber laser cutting machine working, there are somethings to consume. Now, let us tell the running cost of fiber laser cutter with you. Electric power Real machine running cost occupy 60%~70%. For 4 kw plate and pipe fiber laser cutting machine, the rate power is about 44 kw*60%~70%. The real electric power cost is 26.4~38 kw/h. Auxiliary […]

Fiber laser cutting machine 3000W-Flora

Fiber laser cutting machine 3000w 1. With the high temperature in summer, the working pressure of cooling system of fiber laser cutting machine 3000w  will increase. XT laser suggest that the internal pressure of cooling machine need to check before the high temperature comes. So Note: Different manufacturers of chiller pressure is different, it is recommended […]

Laser cutting sheet metal cutting machine-Jenny

Laser cutting sheet metal cutting machine For the industrialize 21st century, the term laser cutting sheet metal cutting machine is no longer unfamiliar, and it achieve an irreplaceable position in our industrial production field. However, different materials have different characteristics, and laser cutting is to cut the material by firing the high-temperature melting material. Therefore, the chemical […]

Why there are many different price level in the marketing-Jenny

Why there are many price level machine? Why there are many different price level machine? Accurately speaking, each fiber laser cutting machine has the same effect, but has different prices, different service life, different operating efficiency, different component parts and so on. The quality of the core components of the laser cutting machine directly affects […]

Advantages of Industrial manipulator–Oriole

Advantages of Industrial manipulator   Industrial manipulator is a new type of mechanical equipment in mechanized and automated production. In the automated production process, an automated equipment with grasping and moving is used. It can simulate human actions during the production process to complete the work. It replaces personnel to carry major objects, enters high […]

Advantages and development prospects of automatic loading and unloading equipment–Oriole

Advantages and development prospects of automatic loading and unloading equipment Firstly, the suction cup is automatically loaded. In traditional manual feeding, for example, a 3m×1.5m sheet requires at least three workers to lift the sheet. And need an electric hoist to assist the feeding of heavy sheets. The time required for a sheet is at […]

Thick metal fiber laser cutter:Jill

Thick metal fiber laser cutter Thick metal fiber laser cutter. As industrial production needs change, laser cutting has become more and more popular. Laser cutting machine is considered to be an important means to promote the upgrading of traditional industries.But it still faces a huge bottleneck of insufficient application and backward core technology. Especially in the […]