European Machine Tool Exhibition in Hannover, Germany | Presenting the “Business Card” of XT Laser to the World

XT Exhibition

European Machine Tool Exhibition in Hannover, Germany | Presenting the “Business Card” of XT Laser to the World

Are you looking forward to the upcoming European Machine Tool Exhibition in Hannover, Germany?

Are you curious about the innovation and cutting-edge technologies in the laser industry?

If that’s the case, then the multiple high-quality and high-performance products exhibited by XT Laser at the European Machine Tool Exhibition in Hannover, Germany, and the “play” intelligent manufacturing are definitely the focus of attention that you can’t miss!

This year’s EMO Hannover Metal Processing World pays more attention to the development and implementation of new functions within the Industry 4.0 framework, presenting infinite possibilities for future production. This exhibition revolves around “Intelligent Technology Driving Future Production”, and XT Laser will bring you the company’s best-selling products and technical solutions, as well as product oriented services and support. From hardcore technology products to industry solutions, from 10000 watt lasers to cleaning and welding, XT will fully showcase its efforts in high-end manufacturing in China in recent years at the exhibition site. Stay tuned.

Instantaneous perforation of thick plates without worry

XT GP Series 12000W Laser Cutting Machine

Cyclonic semi hollow plate welded bed+aluminum profile crossbeam

Better dynamic performance and stronger resistance to deformation

Fully enclosed structure with dust removal equipment for more environmentally friendly production

Dedicated high-power cutting gas circuit, safe and real-time operation, controllable

Accurate control of air flow rate, more excellent cutting process

Equipped with high-definition camera lens, the processing image is clear and impressive

XT Laser GP 10000 Watt Series

The perfect combination of “speed” and “quality”

Unique edge, everything comes first

XT T series laser pipe cutting machine

Full stroke pneumatic chuck, one click self centering

Follow up material support system

Can achieve auxiliary feeding and supporting, improve cutting accuracy

Able to cut square tubes, round tubes, I-beams, angle steels, channel steels, etc

Fast speed and high accuracy

Optional automation configuration

Flexible purchasing of components to meet different functional requirements

The best choice for high-performance and high-quality pipe cutting machines

Rust removal is an easy solution

XT handheld laser cleaning machine

Integrated structure of all-in-one machine, ergonomic design

Easy to operate and get started

Equipped with a multifunctional laser cleaning control system

High quality laser

Fast speed, high efficiency, pollution-free, efficient and environmentally friendly

Rapid rust and dirt removal for molds, metal products, spraying, etc

Intelligent touch screen for real-time monitoring of the overall machine status

Meet the application requirements of intelligent laser processing of metal outer surfaces

Flexible welding and rapid forming

XT handheld laser welding machine

360 ° micro welding without dead corners

Welding depth is large and firm

Easy to handle from any angle

One time molding, not easily deformed

No need for grinding and polishing

Integrated whole machine, compact and easy to move

Breaking through the limitations of the original workbench

Welding that meets various angles and positions

Spring flowers and autumn fruits, golden wind and jade dew

September 18-23

Hannover European Machine Tool Exhibition, Germany

Booth C35 in Hall 13

XT looks forward to meeting you in Hanover, Germany

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