Burning Optimization wraps up the Xintiandi Laser 2023 World Manufacturing Conference!

September 24, 2023 World Manufacturing Congress in Hefei Binhu International Convention and Exhibition Center came to a successful conclusion, this year’s conference to “smart world – create a better” as the theme. Around the “national, global, intelligent” positioning, focusing on the display of manufacturing new models, new business models, new technologies, new products.

Manufacturing industry is the foundation of a country, the foundation of a strong country. In this conference, Xintian laser was invited to participate in the exhibition, with the tube laser cutting machine, open laser cutting machine, laser vibration mirror welding machine, robot automatic welding machine, coil laser cutting machine, glass laser cutting machine wonderful appearance, fully demonstrated the focus on “intelligent” manufacturing, empowering the industry’s development pattern. Next, let’s take a look together~!

Strength-enhanced collection of explosive popularity

At the exhibition, Xintiandi displayed a number of explosive products, allowing many customers to experience Xintiandi Intelligent Black Technology from a distance. Exhibitors showed great interest in the products, and went up to the front to stop and communicate with the staff.

Fully automatic robotic laser welding machine
Flexible welding, easy to maneuver

Roll laser cutting machine
Unwinding, leveling, cutting and unloading
One step

Pipe Laser Cutting Machine
Various profiles Easy to deal with

Open Laser Cutting Machines
Rapid Cutting Capacity Breakthrough

Glass Laser Cutting Machine
Direct cut through No trace processing

Laser Mirror Welding Machine
High-energy welding, one step at a time

Focusing on smart manufacturing and precise positioning, Xintian is striving to develop advanced high-end equipment manufacturing technology and solutions to boost industrial development, and laser technology products have become the technology and innovation driving force to promote the use of advanced manufacturing technology by traditional manufacturing enterprises to realize quality and efficiency improvement, transformation and upgrading, and green and intelligent development.

Leaders’ Visit Praised the Bright Achievements

During the exhibition, the new day a variety of exhibits attracted the attention of Anhui provincial and municipal leaders at all levels, industry experts, media and customers to visit the guide, in a detailed understanding of the new day laser technology innovation, brand building, intelligent manufacturing and other aspects of the development of the fully affirmed, encouraging enterprises to focus on the main direction of intelligent manufacturing, and unswervingly build a strong manufacturing country to fight the industrial chain, “strengthen the chain to complement the chain! “Battle, to achieve China’s manufacturing industry to bend the road, leapfrog development, and promote China’s industry to the high-end of the global value chain.

Since its establishment, Xintian has been striding forward in the direction of intelligent, specialized and high-quality laser manufacturing, running through the whole industrial manufacturing industry chain upstream and downstream of the relevant products and technologies, from R & D and innovation, exquisite craftsmanship, human-computer interaction to the product terminals, user experience, and other multi-dimensional deep research, to provide customers with a full set of solutions for laser products and services.
With the rapid development of scientific and technological revolution, industrial change and intelligent manufacturing in the world, Xintiandi Laser will unswervingly strengthen the technology research and development and technological innovation, grasp the market demand, adhere to the refined management, strict control of product quality, and constantly launch new technology and new products, and leverage on intelligent manufacturing to help China’s industrial upgrading as a whole.

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