Application of metal laser cutting machine in lift manufacturing industry

Lift manufacturing process of metal parts are numerous, then it involves processing, nowadays the advantages of laser cutting machine is big, most of them use laser cutting machine for processing, with the lift market market demand is increasing day by day, the backward processing method obviously can’t meet the market demand.
At the beginning of the 21st century, with the emergence of domestic laser cutting machine production enterprises, rely only on imported habits are broken, the expensive price is also significantly reduced, the domestic general machinery enterprises and accessories enterprises have to buy laser cutting machine.
The application of advanced fibre laser cutting machines has improved the quality of domestic lift manufacturing, and lift manufacturers have achieved improved automation and intelligence of their equipment to flexibly handle various production tasks and increase production capacity.
Advantages of laser cutting machine in lift manufacturing
1、Short processing cycle
Sheet metal parts in the lift industry are of many varieties and small quantities, and many of them still need to be determined according to customers’ requirements. Multi-station punch press processing due to tonnage and mould limitations, some sheet metal parts can not be processed or mould production cycle is long resulting in a longer production cycle, and programming is relatively complex, the operator’s requirements are also relatively high, the advantages of flexible processing of fibre optic laser cutting machine is also therefore played to reduce product development costs.
2, good cutting effect
Stainless steel decorative plates are many, the surface finish requirements are high, and the processed lines should be smooth and flat, beautiful and beautiful. Multi-station punch press processing on the surface finish of the plate is easy to produce, laser processing means no mechanical stress, to avoid the deformation produced in the cutting process, improve the quality of the lift, pull up the product grade, enhance the core competitiveness of enterprises.
3, processing flexibility
With the improvement of people’s aesthetic level, the product fancy also increased, the product shape varieties increased, but the number is not large, and the outline is complex, ordinary processing methods can not be achieved. Laser cutting automation, high degree of intelligence, can cope with a variety of shaped workpiece processing, effectively reducing the labour intensity of operators, optimize the production process flow.
The machine adopts laser cutting technology, good overall rigidity, stable performance, smooth operation, fast speed, quick acceleration, high precision and high processing efficiency. It can meet the cutting requirements of carbon steel, stainless steel and other metal plates. It is suitable for cutting lift steel plate.
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