Advantages of Ultra High Power Fiber Laser Cutting Machine- XT LASER Claire

Here is the test of 10KW, 12KW, and 15KW fiber laser cutting machines cutting steel plates of the same thickness. In the figure you can see that from 10KW to 12KW, the cutting efficiency increases by 21%; from 10KW to 15KW, the cutting efficiency increases by 46%. This shows that fiber laser cutting machines with higher power can further improve the productivity of metal workpieces.

During laser cutting metal, the operating costs are mainly caused by the consumption of auxiliary gases (oxygen/nitrogen), and gas costs tend to increase significantly with the thickness of the metal sheet cut. Thin sheet metal can be cut with air assist when using a high powered laser cutting machine, with absolutely no gas consumption costs. Even though a UHP laser cutting machine requires oxygen or nitrogen to process thick plates, it cuts faster while using less or the same amount of gas, reducing processing time per part, which also means gas consumption and power Consumption is greatly reduced.

Ultra-high-power laser cutting machines significantly reduce the cost per part and lead to a fast return on investment and higher profitability.

Ultra-high power fiber laser cutting machines make laser cutting more competitive in many aspects, such as increased cutting thickness range, cutting edge quality and cutting speed. With significantly increased productivity, one UHP laser cutting system can replace multiple lower power laser cutting systems, which also means users need a smaller footprint, fewer operators and less facility preparation.

With the continuous maturity of fiber laser cutting machine technology and the universality of application, it is believed that these advantages will greatly improve the development of metal manufacturing industry.

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