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                Advantages of Industrial manipulator

Advantages of Industrial manipulator


Industrial manipulator is a new type of mechanical equipment in mechanized and automated production. In the automated production process, an automated equipment with grasping and moving is used. It can simulate human actions during the production process to complete the work. It replaces personnel to carry major objects, enters high temperature, toxic, explosive and radioactive environments to work, replaces people to complete dangerous and boring tasks, relatively reduces human labor intensity and improves labor productivity.

At present, use manipulators in many fields, so what are the advantages of using manipulators?

Firstly, save manpower

When the manipulator is working, onlyrequire one person to take care of the equipment, which relatively reduces the use of personnel and the expenditure of personnel costs.

Secondly, the safety is high

The manipulator works by imitating the actions of people, and it will not cause casualties when encountering unexpected situations during the work, which ensures the safety problem to a certain extent.

Thirdly, reduce the product error rate

In manual operation, certain errors will inevitably occur, but the robot will not have such errors, because the robot produces goods based on certain data, and will stop working after reaching the required data , Effectively improve production efficiency.

The application of robotic arms reduces production costs and improves production efficiency.

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