The advantages of the laser welding Martin

The advantages of the laser welding Martin

The advantages of the laser welding Martin

Hello everyone. Martin from XT laser.

Glad to communicate the advantages of laser welding with you.

As the development of technology, welding technology become better and better.

Although the laser welding machine price is still higher than TIG, MIG, etc. But the welding effect is better than traditional wedling.

In this article, I want to talk about the advantages of laser welding.

The theory of welding, I believe most people know that. Using high temperature let the materials melt.

After the temperature becomes low. Then Materials solidify together. Finally, it achieves to combine.

Comparing to traditional welding, the advantages of laser welding are as below:

Firstly, one of the most advantages is saving time.

Conventional welding takes 1 hour. Using a laser welding machine just about 15minutes do the same work. So it is about saving of 86% time.

Secondly, It can secondary processes e.g. grinding.

Third, complex weld seam geometries. It can weld complex weld seam geometries. Because the laser head is easy to move. S

Fourth, consistent and perfect weld quality. Using laser welding, the surface looks more beautiful. Because the laser has strong power.

And can melt metal easily. It can make the weld very small. So it is better than traditional welding.

Fifth, low material distortion and twisting

Sixth, Flexible joint geometries.


At last, introduce our company. Our company built in 2004, and we have 16 years’ experience in the laser industry.

So we could supply more professional laser welding machine.

Also, we have a laser cutting machine, laser marking machine, laser cleaning machine for the laser industry.

Share our laser welding machine with you. The picture is as below:




The advantages of the laser welding Martin

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