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Advantages and development prospects of automatic loading and unloading equipment

automatic loading and unloading equipment

Firstly, the suction cup is automatically loaded.

In traditional manual feeding, for example, a 3m×1.5m sheet requires at least three workers to lift the sheet. And need an electric hoist to assist the feeding of heavy sheets. The time required for a sheet is at least three minutes, and the safety risk is very high and big. After using the suction cup to automatically load the material. It only needs manual button operation, which takes 10 seconds to complete the material. Because the equipment’s ergonomics and safety protection measures are in place, personal injury and safety accidents are zero. Andavoid the open type. Production is easy to cause harm to people, while improving work efficiency and reducing labor costs.

Secondly, it can meet the diverse needs of users.

When the production site is narrow and long, can load the equipment from the back of the fuselage workbench. When the site is relatively spacious, can load it from the side of the fuselage, according to the different needs of users, it can meet diversified production conditions and achieve flexibility. It can also ensure compact structure and small floor space.

Thirdly, the overall system has a high degree of automation.

The automatic loading and unloading equipment of the laser cutting machine can realize the cyclic operation of the whole process of plate loading-cutting-unloading through one-key operation. It can also cut manually and step by step. It can match with a three-dimensional material library to intelligently divide materials of different thicknesses. Layer management and easy control.

Fourthly, the function can be expanded at any time to realize the production of multiple machines on the same line.

One automatic loading and unloading equipment can load and unload multiple laser cutting machines. In the later stage, if you expand your production, you can connect multiply units at the same time. Without changing the inherent structure, more and more manufacturers will choose laser cutter and will improve the function of laser equipment.

Fifthly, strong your own brand.

The high degree of equipment automation can enhance the company’s brand image and help strengthen the company’s market competitive advantage.

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