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8 Main Application Fields of Fiber Laser Metal Cutting Machine (Lisa)

8 Main Application Fields of Fiber Laser Metal Cutting Machine

Fiber laser cutting machines  is popularizing in metal industries. Many investors has great interest in mainstream application field of fiber laser cutting machine. we concluded below 8 main points

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1. Decoration industry

With the fiber laser cutting machine, many complex graphics can be processed directly as customers’ design, so very easy to achieve metal customization.

2. Automobile industry

fiber laser metal cutting machine is also widely used in automobile, such as car doors, automobile exhaust pipes, brakes, etc. Compared with traditional metal cutting methods, it can improve the precision and working efficiency, and productivity.

3. Advertising industry

Advertising industry also require large amount of customization products. Extactly, fiber laser cutting machine can cut different shapes only if you can design

4. Kitchenware industry

Especially in kitchenware industry, more and more people has high request for the design and application  . Fiber laser cutting machine is mainly cutting for thin metal sheets, thus can realize customized and personalized products development.

5. Lighting industry

At present, mainstream outdoor lamps are large different metal pipes, actually we also have professional pipe fiber laser cutting machine which support personalized customization service .

6. Sheet metal processing

Fiber laser cutting machine is the best tools for cutting metal sheets . XT LASER fiber laser cutters have shown reliable and highly efficient cutting performance

7. Fitness equipment

In fact, public fitness equipment and home fitness equipment  have been developping rapidly in recent years, so the future demand is also large.

With the fiber laser metal cutting technology, fitness equipment manufacturing industries have been booming .

8. Home appliance industry

With the development of technology, the traditional processing technology of the home appliance manufacture industry continues to transform and upgrade. Metal laser cutting machine is one of the most powerful processing methods till at present

During the manufacturing process, fiber laser cutting machine can bogh improve the processing quality and optimize the appearance of the product.

Fiber laser cutting machine has the incomparable flexibility and precision of the traditional processing method. Because it is contactless processing, without  mold  and extra cost. Also, it  can improve product quality, reduce production costs, and reduce labor intensity as well as.

On the other hand, It not only improves sheet metal processing technology, but also brings more benefits to manufacturers.

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