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Now more and more customers are interested in handheld fiber laser welding machine.It is easy to operate and its lifespan is longer than other troditional welding equipments.In order to meet the demands of many clients.Now we launch a new product-3 in 1 handheld fiber laser welding machine.We will introduce it in this article.

3 in 1 means that one machine can use three different functions-welding,cleaning and cutting.Just notice it is not professional fiber laser cutting machine so it can only do some simple welding job.It is better not to cut more than 2mm stianless steel or carbon steel.Here share you some videos about it.

As you can see,it is easy to change the different functions.For example,if you want to use cutting function,you only need to change the cutting nozzles,then you can use it directly.It doesn’t need to change the systerm.So it will be easy for the new users.

About the price

It is not expensive.The price is similar to the common welding machine.We have 1000w,1500w,2000w and 3000w can be choose.If you are interested in it,you can contact us for more details.

The running cost of the 3 in 1 handheld fiber laser welding machine

1. Free online training:
There is no installation required for the machine, 1.5kw is working on 220±20% V AC、50Hz, and 2kw is working on 380±20% V AC、50Hz, it comes with EU stantard plug, you can use it directly after receiving it. No need installation and training cost. We have manual for our customers and also provide free video call training.

2.Consumable parts:
The machine’s only consumable parts is the protective lens and nozzles on laser welding head. The machine’s standard configuration is 3 pieces nozzles and 6 pieces protective lens. You can prepare one year’s consumables as stock.

Protective lens: USD8 per piece, about 30-40 pieces one year
Nozzles: USD10 per piece, about 25 pieces per year

3.Except the consumable parts, the machine also consume a little electricity and gas.

a. electricity consuption
The power consumption of 1.5kw machine is 7kw/hour, 2kw machine is 9.5kw/hour at full power situation. In fact, we usually just use 50%-60% power to weld the metals, it is enough, so the power consumption is small.

b. gas consumption
The machine also consume a little gas, argon or nitrogen, about 10L/hour. For materials that are easy to be oxidized, argon is better.
The gas can isolate the air from the welding plate to prevent the reaction with the air. So the welding surface of the metal plate will be white and beautiful. The gas also can protect the lens from welding dust.

For more machine details,please feel free to contact us.

Ariel whatsapp:0086 17866940010/ Email:xintian122@xtlaser.com

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