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High quality fiber laser cutting machine

More and more customers would like to ask for a low price fiber laser cutting machine with high quality.

Th fiber laser cutter could not only save the electronic, but also protect the environment.

Besides, it could save some maintenance cost.

For different thickness material with different power, we equip with the different fiber laser cutter.

For this big equipment, the customer may not concern more about the machine price.

What they notice is the machine quality and the warranty.

The supplier must pay attention to the machine using and the cutting outcome.

Trying their best to provide the best fiber laser cutting machine to the customers.

In recent days, we met with an Indian customer who ask for the 12mm carbon steel cutting.

For the carbon steel material, it would be easier to cut.

We usually use the oxygen as auxiliary gas to cut it, cause the oxygen could help burn the material.

And for the max 12mm thickness, the 1500w fiber laser cutting machine is good for cutting and assure the cutting outcome.

fiber laser cutting machine

To assure the cutting outcome, there are some spare parts in the fiber laser cutter, which is important.

For example, the water chiller.

It is plays a big role in the fiber laser cutter, which is important for cooling the laser source and cutting head.

We equip with the Tongfei brand water chiller, which specialize in the fiber laser cutting system.

Besides, the laser source is also important.

Raycus and IPG are both high quality laser source in this industry.

Some supplier may choose the Max laser source which is unstable at all.

Laser source is the most important part of the fiber laser cutter.

So the customers must choose the most suitable laser source in the whole machine.

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