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How to replace the focus lens of  fiber  laser cutting machine

How to replace the focus lens of fiber laser cutting machine?Many clients will have this question.So today this email we will introduce it to you.

If your laser lens is too long time after use, there will be a phenomenon of falling film, metal splash, dent and scratch. Its function will greatly reduce. Therefore, in order to play the role of laser cutting machine properly, we need toreplace laser cutting machine focus lens in time. How to replace the focus lens for for the laser cutting machine?

Then the installation of laser lenses we need to pay attention to the following:

1. Lenses to wear rubber gloves or fingerstall, because dirt and oil in the hands of drops of dirty lenses, cause performance degradation.

2. Do not use any tools to get lenses, such as tweezers, etc.

3. Lens should place on the lens paper to avoid damage.
4. Do not put the lens on a rough or hard surface, and the infrared lens easily scratch.
5. Pure gold or pure copper surface do not clean and touch.

Attention to laser lens cleaning:

1. Air balloons blow off the surface of the lens, float note: Factory compressed air do not, because it contains a large number of oil and water, oil and water will form harmful in the film surface absorption film.
2. With acetone, alcohol wet cotton or cotton, gently scrub the surface, avoid hard scrubbing. It is necessary to cross the surface as quickly as possible to vaporizing the liquid without leaving the stripes.


1) A cotton swab with a paper handle and a high quality surgical cotton ball.

2) Recommends a reagent grade acetone or propanol.
3. Moderately clean secondary pollutants (saliva, oil droplets) using vinegar wet cotton or cotton, with a small force to clean the surface, then use dry cotton swab wipe excess white vinegar. Then immediately with acetone wet cotton or cotton, gently wipe the surface to remove residual acetic acid.


1) a cotton swab only with a paper handle

2) recommended with a high quality surgical cotton ball

3) with a concentration of 6% acetic acid.

For very dirty lenses and ineffective lenses in front of the cleaning. If the film is erased, the lens loses its function. The obvious color change indicates the abscission of the film.

1. Strongly clean the heavily polluted lenses (spatter) for highly polluted lenses, we use a kind of polished paste to remove these pollutants.

Shake the polished cream evenly, pour 4-5 drops on the cotton ball, and gently move it around the lens. Don’t press down the cotton ball. The weight of the cotton ball is enough. If you use too much pressure, the polished paste will quickly scratch the surface. Flip the lens frequently to avoid overpolishing in one direction. The polishing time should be controlled in 30 seconds. At any time, when the color changes are found, the polishing is stopped immediately, indicating that the outer layer of the film is being corroded. No toothpaste can be used without a polished paste.

2. With distilled water with a new cotton ball, gently wash the surface of the lens.

The lens must be fully wet, polishing paste as much as possible to remove residual. Be careful not to dry the surface of the lens, which will make it difficult to remove the remaining paste.

3. With a rapid alcohol wet lint cotton, gently wash the entire surface of the lens, polishing paste as much as possible to remove residual.

Note: if the lens is more than 2 inches in diameter, use the cotton ball instead of the cotton swab for this step.

4. With a wet acetone lint cotton, gently cleaning the lens surface.

Remove the polishing paste and propanol from the last step. When using acetone for the final cleaning, the cotton swab gently swabs the lens, overlaps, and the whole surface of the straight line has been rubbed. At the last scrub, move the cotton swab slowly to ensure the rapid drying of the acetone on the surface. This can eliminate the stripes on the surface of the lens.

5. The final step of the detection of clean lenses is to examine the lens surface carefully in the sunlight and in the black background.

If there is a residue of the polished paste, it can be repeated until it is completely removed. Note: some types of pollution or damage are not eliminated, such as metal spatter, dent and so on. If you find such contamination or damage the lens, then you need to rework or replacement of the lens.

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