Fiber laser cutting for different materials-Ivy

Fiber laser cutting for different materials

As we all know, optical fiber laser cutting machine is becoming more and more popular. There are many occupations requiring optical fiber laser cutting machines.

Also cutting speed is faster and time saving. The cutting effect is stable and the fire source is save. Reduce consumption and save cost. It is a trend in many areas to use it.

Fiber laser cutting machine has enter our life from the industrial field, and more and more materials are use for cutting.

First, stainless steel cutting.

Nitrogen is usually used to cut stainless steel sheets to prevent oxidation. No burr edge.

Second, carbon steel cutting.

When laser cutting carbon steel, oxygen is usually use to obtain better results. When treat with oxygen, the edge may be slightly oxidize. If more demanding users can use nitrogen for high pressure cutting.

Third,Aluminum cutting.

Aluminum is a highly reflective material in metal materials. It has high reflectivity and thermal conductivity.  Aluminum is also more suitable for cutting with nitrogen, and the cutting effect is good.

Fourth, cutting copper and brass.

Like aluminium, copper and brass are highly reflective materials. It needs a laser cutting machine with “anti-reflection device” for cutting. Brass with a thickness of 1mm or less can be cut in nitrogen. Cut copper with thickness of 2mm or less.

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