The introduction of laser welding machine Martin

The introduction of laser welding machine Martin

The introduction of laser welding machine Martin

Hello, everyone. Martin from XT laser introduce our laser welding machine.

We will talk about it from four parts: theory, advantages, classification, and application.

Part one: the theory of laser welding machine.

It uses a laser source as the source of heat. And let the laser source produce high power. Then make the processing are instantly vaporized of liquefying.


Part two: the advantages of laser welding machine

First, Laser welding gun weight is light and it  is easy to move
Second, it is compact size, save floor space, and easy to move
Third, It uses the IPG/Raycus/Maxphotonics laser source. And all of the laser sources are of good quality. Also, it has 100000 hours of life span
Fourth, It is Environment-friendly and protects the operator health
Fifth, it has a fashion outlook
Sixth, it has a wobble welding function
Seventh, It can weld Stainless steel, middle steel, and carbon steel. Also, it can weld other metals, such as aluminum sheet, iron plates, brass, steel, galvanized sheet and plates, and metal tubes.

Part three: the classification of the laser welding machine

1. Pumped solid laser welder
2. Semiconductor laser welding machine equipment
3. And laser remote welding machine equipment

Part four: the application of the laser welding machine

1. Application of laser welding in the foreign automobile industry
1) Laser welding of the body in white
2) Laser tailor-welded blanks of unequal thickness
3) Welding of gears and transmission parts

2. Application of fiber laser welding in shipbuilding and ocean engineering

3. Application of laser welding in aircraft manufacturing

4. Application of hybrid laser welding

5. And the application of laser welding in medicine


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fiber laser welding

The introduction of laser welding machine Martin

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