Solutions of jewelry laser engraving and cutting machine in US-Ivy

Solutions of jewelry laser engraving and cutting machine in US.

This is ivy from XTLASER,responsible for US and Canada market,have worked in laser industry 4 years and served more than 300 customers for different requirements of laser equipment,includes laser cutting,engraving,cleaning also welding machine.

Thanks for your attention to us of laser engraving machine,please kindly check as follow:

1.Laser power:

Now in the market,mainly have 20w/30w/50w/60w/100w:

  • 20w suitable for surface marking;
  • 30w suitable for some engraving works;
  • 50w and 60w gain more popular in jewelry cutting and guns engraving industry;
  • 100w engraving speed is better than 50w,60w,however,because of its cost,so very few customer chose this model.

Based on your requirements,we recommend you 50w/60w.

2.Laser source:

Perhaps you have heard some brand Raycus and JPT,both of them are good,but we highly recommend you 60w JPT model. According to customers’ feedback,60w JPT M7 cutting engraving speed is better than 50w Raycus. Why 60w JPT M7 speed is faster?

  • Frequency range and single pulse energy is higher,the cutting energy and precision is better.
  • Pulse width changing scope is wider,the cutting edge and cutting effect is better.
  • Single pulse energy determines the speed much.

And also JPT JPT can mark color on stainless steel.
3.Model Details:

Most customers in North America and EU countries would like to chose Mini portable model,suitable for DHL/Fedex door to door shipping.

Mini Fiber Laser Marking Machine
Model Number XTL-FP50/60
Marking Scope 110*110mm (Optional)
Gross power <0.8KW
Marking speed 7000mm/s
Laser power 50W/60W
Power supply 110V/50Hz ~60Hz
Machine size 79*72*84cm
Gross weight 96kg

4.Machine working video:


6.Total purchasing cost of the machine:

*Machine cost:
50w Raycus start from $2800-$52000;
60w JPT with High configuration with Laptop with 3 years warranty at $7200;

*Shipping cost:
DHL/Fedex Door to door shipping about $850,shipping time 5-7 working days.

Machine HS code:845611,you can use this code check in your local place. In US,will be 27.5%.

Also machine voltage is 110v,so you can use it directly. For more details,can we chat on whatsapp? My number is: 0086 17864184107

Thanks for your time

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