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Something you should know about Fiber laser Handheld welder

As we know,Fiber laser Handheld welder is a new technology,here sharing with some introduction:

1.First,Fiber laser welding can weld basic metal materials, carbon steel, stainless steel, galvanized sheet,

aluminum alloy, etc.

2.Second,Fiber laser welding is mainly use to replace argon arc welding. Compared with argon arc welding, fiber

laser welding can have better welding efficiency and welding effect.

3.Then,Under normal circumstances, we recommend using oxygen and high-pressure air as auxiliary gas for

welding carbon steel. When welding stainless steel and aluminum alloy, it is recommended to use nitrogen

as auxiliary gas.

4.Also,When the welding material is very thin, the thickness is less than 0.2mm, or the weld width is larger than

2mm. It is recommended to use the welding wire to enhance the welding strength

Advantages of fiber laser handheld laser welder:

1.First,The welding speed is 2-3 times faster than the traditional welding speed.It can help you reduce at least

two welders a year.

2.Second,It can weld various types and shapes of materials.

3.Then,Low maintenance cost.No need good welding stations, low material cost, low energy consumption, low

equipment deployment maintenance cost

4.And,It is easy to operate, no need welding license, even novice can also weld good products.

5.Also,The weld line(joint) is smooth and beautiful, which reduces the subsequent polishing process and saves

time and cost.

6.Besides,No deformation, no welding mark, very solid welding.

7.More Safer and more environmentally friendly.

8.makes up for the defect of small laser spot, expands the tolerance range and weld width of the workpiece, can obtain a better welding forming effect

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