How to Purchase a High Quality Metal Laser Welding Machine

How to Purchase a High Quality Metal Laser Welding Machine

Metal laser welding machine is one of the most popular welding equipment today, characterized by mechanical intelligent processing,  so more and more customers choose it.

There are some factors need to pay attention to when customers want to buy this machine.

XT LASER will tell you how to purchase a high quality metal laser welding machine.

1.Laser spot focusing diameter

Pay attention to the laser spot focusing diameter in the device, generally, due to the optical design of the laser generator, the laser spot diameter can be controlled within the range of 0.2mm to 1.5mm, this is a direct reflection of the equipment quality, if the laser spot diameter can not up to the standard 0.2mm, it will cause ablation of the weld seam directly.

2.Laser pulse frequency

Welding different materials need different laser pulse frequencies, the higher the frequency of laser pulse, the lower the per laser energy.

In this way, it can improve the welding toughness of the whole workpiece.

When choosing a laser welding machine, the user should first choose the equipment which can adjust the laser pulse frequency.

3.Laser pulse energy

The energy of laser pulse is one of the main parameters of laser generator.In general, the laser welding machine laser energy have to keep within 70J,then it can meet different materials welding

Hope it is helpful for you.If you have any confused of machine ,welcome to contact XT LASER.

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