Why fiber laser marking machine at different price?-Ivy

Why fiber laser marking machine at different price?

If am a buyer,also do more researching for purchase fiber laser marking machine,we know that is big investment for new beginner of this industry. But you will see many different price level,how we should to do? Why fiber laser marking machine at different price? here take an examples of XTLASER:

We involved in this market more than 15 years,also know the market well,haha.

*Company history:
XTLASER was founded in 2004 years,involved in all series laser machine,includes laser marking,engraving,cutting,welding also cleaning.

*laser source:
Laser source is main parts of full machine,like engine of the car,we choose real Raycus laser source,best brand in China also famous in the world,here is their website:http://en.raycuslaser.com/,if needed,you can check it. Here is the pic of laser source :

* EZCAD Control board
In China market,many supplier use copy software,original one can support win7/8/10,can update at any times,that is difference in the function,from the appearance,here are the pics of two types:

Original:BJJCZ marked Copy: their series number marked

* 2D working table:
This 2D working table can adjust X and Y axis (Front and Back,left and right),that is more easily for us to mark on small parts material,do not need use hand to move.

XTLASER Other brand

*LED lamp:

Every detail is designed to take customer’s feeling into consideration.


It is our standard spare parts for each machine 🙂

* Red pointer:
As we know,the machine need focus,there will have two methods to find it:
1) using one test material,when the light more bright,will be on focus
2)machine will have two red pointer,when two pointer become one,will be one focus,here is the videos:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bdcmp7cB6FM

* Warranty:
XTLASER provided three years warranty for full machine,if some parts broken within warranty,if not human damage,we will pay for the delivery cost for change and repair broken parts.

*After sales service:
We have online after sales department, they will help you learn and operate the machine,also,am often stay up to midnight,.so if any questions of the machine,we can response you in time.

Also we have 30w at 2800$ model! if you want,will send you details.

Kind regards