Application of Laser Cutting Machine in sheet metal processing-Lucy

Application of Laser Cutting Machine in sheet metal processing

1 Why laser cutting machine in sheet metal processing are very                        important?

The laser cutting machine is a technological revolution of sheet metal processing. It is the center in sheet metal processing. The laser cutting machine has high flexibility, high cutting speed, high production efficiency, short product it won huge customers market.So fiber laser cutting machine are very important in sheet metal processing .

2 The importance of laser cutting machine in sheet metal processing.

1 The first is laser cutting has flexibility, high cutting speed, high efficiency, short production cycle.  Fiber laser cutting machine   can realize rapid prototyping with laser for both simple and complex parts;

2 Secondly ,Fiber laser cutting machine have narrow slit, good cutting quality, high degree of automation, easy operation ,and no pollution

3 Thirdly,Fiber laser cutting machine can realize automatic cutting and nesting of cutting, improve material utilization, no tool wear and good material  adaptability

4 Fourthly,Fiber laser cutting machine  have low production cost and good economic returns

3 XT high efficiency of fiber laser cutting machine

Our company has introduced a new fiber laser cutting machine.

First The machine is completely enclosed and has a switchboard.

Second The machine is of high quality and high efficiency and This machine also has a very fast speed.

Thirdly We can guarantee that this machine has an ex-factory price.

Fourthly,Dual exchange tables can also help you save time.

The most important thing is this machine is safer than an open machine. It protects your eyes from the threat of lasers.

The XTLASER cutting machine has the following features.

1. Stability and reliability of optical path systems and control systems

2. Imported original fiber laser, high function, stable performance, life expectancy of more than 100,000 hours

3. Cutting quality and efficiency are higher, the cutting speed can reach 80m / min, the appearance is beautiful, the  trimming       is beautiful.

Production application

1 Automotive industry
2 kitchen appliances
3 medical equipment
4 fitness equipment
5 Furniture manufacturing
6 Environmental protection equipment
7 Advertising
8 Agricultural machinery

We have good prices and quality.

So our machines are your best choice.