Advantages of XTLASER autofocus laser head-Luis

Laser cutting technology has the characteristics of processing controllable, high efficiency and high quality. It has very wide applications in industrial processing, Besides that such as automotive industry, textile machinery, sheet metal processing and so on. Among the key technologies of the laser cutting machine, the quality of the laser cutting head directly affects the quality of cutting. The common laser cutting head consists of nozzle, focusing lens and focus tracking system.

New requirements in the era of intelligent manufacturing: automatic focusing laser head  after

Because in recent years, with the promotion of “Made in China 2025”, so laser cutting technology is also facing changes and opportunities. Therefore In the early days of laser cutting applications, the main way of focusing achieve by manual operation. So with the development of laser technology. This manual focusing method has gradually eliminated. And the automatic focusing function has begun to realize slowly.And therefore with the automatic focusing function. The machine can automatically adjust the focus to the most suitable position when . Most importantly machining workpieces with different materials and thicknesses, so which can significantly improve the processing efficiency of the laser cutting machine, and the slab

And XTLASER autofocus laser head has the following features:

Auto – focus

Focus position will  automatically adjust in cutting process to achieve the best cutting effect of different thicknesses sheets metal.


Focal length controlle by operating system. We don’t need manual regulation, which effectively avoids errors or faults caused by manual operation.


90% of perforation time is saved;saving cutting gas and electricity, saving cost.

Industrial manufacturing is intelligent, and Industry 4.0 has become a global manufacturing trend. China’s laser processing industry is constantly innovating and becoming a new force to lead the world.