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High-power laser cutting machine summer work precautions

High-power laser cutting machine summer work precautions. Summer is the season of high failure. The statistical results show that most of the faults of high-power lasers are closely relate to the user’s operating sequence and equipment operating environment. To prevent this from happening, reduce equipment failure time and its losses, the following tips are as follows:

Mechanism of preventable failure

A laser is a high-tech device that converts electrical energy into laser energy. The internal structure is complex, involving many disciplines and fields such as light, machine, electricity, and calculation. Although fiber lasers have lower environmental requirements than other types of lasers, they must also ensure that the operating environment meets the requirements, so that their own protective measures can effectively protect them.

If there are omissions in the order of the switch, the tightness of the chassis and the setting of the water temperature, it may cause the electrons and optics inside the laser to cooling water to cause condensation on the surface due to the temperature difference between the inside and the outside, thereby degrading the performance of the laser and even damaging the laser.


This measure is mainly to prevent condensation of internal electronic or optical components, which  divide into the following points:

1. Ensure that the chassis is closing

The fiber laser chassis is sealing and equipping with a chassis air conditioner or dehumidifier. The purpose is to ensure that the components in the chassis are in a relatively stable and safe temperature and humidity environment. If the chassis is not sealed, high-temperature, high-humidity air outside the chassis can enter the interior of the chassis. When it encounters internal water-cooled components, it will condense on its surface, causing possible damage. The inspection of the tightness of the chassis should pay attention to the following aspects:



Whether each cabinet door exists and is closed

Is the top lifting bolt tightened? the protective cover of the unused communication control interface at the rear of the chassis covered? fixed?

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