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What Can We Make with Laser Cutting?-Ivy

What Can We Make with Laser Cutting?

Let’s continue the fiber laser cutting machine, hope what we post can help you to find the reasonable fiber laser cutting machine.What Can We Make with Laser Cutting?

You’ve got the software to create designs and a laser cutting machine that’s ready to use –

but what can you really make with laser cutting? XT Lasers has provided manufacturing and prototyping services for diverse industries. We’ve helped with prototyping for medical devices, automotive and firearm parts, semiconductors, electronics and more.
Laser cutting isn’t just for big industries though – it’s also for hobbyists, artists, and makers of all kinds. Take a look at these project ideas and the materials we can use to make them come to life.

Firstly,Wedding Invitations

– If you’re an event planner looking to add

value with eye-catching invitations,

laser cutting paper is a fantastic option. Use two-dimensional design software to create intricate cut-out designs and impress your clients – and their guests.

Secondly, Jewelry

– Laser cutting metal is the perfect way to create pendants, earrings, necklaces, brooches, and just about any other wearable metal accessory. For even more aesthetic options, combine laser cutting and etching to add laser-drawn designs to any piece once it’s form by laser cutting.

Thirdly, Custom Coasters

– Coasters are a great housewarming gift, and laser cutting acrylic or wood is a great way to make them. There’s nothing more thoughtful than a gift that’s custom-design and creat by laser cutting wood to your exact specifications. We’d recommend amber bamboo or another light-colored wood.

Fourthly, Key chains, Badges, Business Cards

– You’ll never find yourself limited by designs or materials when creating with lasers, especially when you use versatile materials. Laser cutting acrylic is a preferred option for many makers – acrylic is lightweight, highly durable, and easily sliced through with precision laser cutting techniques.
Design your own razor-thin acrylic or aluminum business cards with a unique look and feel, create conference badges and ID tags that won’t be damaged in the wash, or design custom keychains in a variety of colors.