Problems in the process of fiber laser cutting machine-June

Problems in the process of fiber laser cutting machine


Problems in the process of fiber laser cutting machine.
Many customers experience some cutting technology problems when using fiber laser cutting machines. Today we will summarize the detailed cutting process of the fiber laser cutting machine. And hope to help users use the laser cutting machine.

The laser cutting process is mainly divided into three cases:
1. Cutting speed is too fast
If the cutting speed is too fast, it may lead to the following results.
1) Firstly, it is impossible to be cut off and sparks are generated.
2) Secondly,Some places can cut, but some places cannot  cut.
3) Thirdly, the whole part is rough, but does not dissolve.
4) Lastly, cut a part of the oblique stripes, and the lower part produces stains.
2. Cutting speed is too slow
1) Firstly, excessive melting and rougher cut surface.
2) Secondly,the slit is widened and the acute angle is completely dissolved.
3) Lastly,affect the cutting efficiency.
3. Determine the appropriate cutting speed
Determine if the feed rate can be increased or slowed by the cutting spark
1) Frist, sparks spread from top to bottom
2) Secondly, if the spark, the cutting speed is too fast.
3) Lastly, the sparks are not scattered and the speed is too slow.
Proper feed rate
For example, the cutting surface presents a smoother line while the lower half does not appear to melt.
Normal cutting speed
4. About auto focus and manual focus
What is the difference between autofocus and dynamic focus systems?
For the autofocus head, it has two main advantages. First of all, customers need to cut materials of different thickness, such as 3mm, 6mm, 8mm and so on. Different thicknesses require different focal points. Autofocus, only need to adjust the parameters for the first time. So next time, there is no need to recalibrate the parameters and use it directly. Secondly, it is also possible to reduce the blanking time of the thickness material according to the thickness.

For dynamic focus systems, our standard Raytools cutting heads feature a dynamic focus system. If the metal plate is not very flat, the system can adjust the cutting distance (follow and drop) of the material at a lower price.