Fiber laser jewelry cutting system:Charry

Fiber laser jewelry cutting system

Fiber laser jewelry cutting system.

Considering the current trend toward personal in jewelry, creating name jewelry quickly popular. And accurately to order with a laser engraving machine is beneficial in today’s market.Cause it can require special designs.

In minutes, the Fiber laser jewelry cutting system can cut patterns,rather than by hand to take several hours.

Firstly,What Metals?

All jewelry metals, precious and non-precious.From gold and silver to brass.For cutting out pendants, charms, keepsakes.

As a general rule for name jewelry designs, from 0 mm to 2mm ,is no problem.

These three popular metals used in name jewelry designs:

  • Gold cuts well, because it is a good conductor of thermal energy, but proper settings for the metal are required.
  • Silver is tough to work with because it retains heat from the laser. And can start to flex and warp when you are working with it. To prevent this from happening, heat-sink the silver using a bracket or clamp fixture to transfer heat away from the affected area.

Secondly,Laser Cutting Names

Depending on the power of the laser engraving machine, the thickness of the metal, and the intricacy of the design.

When cutting such pieces, try the following tips:

  • When it comes to font choice, stick with those that have uniform widths across all letters—no super narrow areas.
  • When in doubt, select the bold feature on a font to enhance the strength of the letters and reduce the kerning.
  • To save the step of soldering on rings for attaching a necklace to a name pendant. And program the machine to cut an eyelet on each side of the piece . Engraved patterns and textures are also no problem.
  • Polishing and Cleaning.With a smooth surface ready for polishing.

Collect cut-out sections of precious metal designs.To use one filter collect the dust in the cutting process.

Following with the cutting video:

Cutting samples:

Fiber laser jewelry cutting system





Jewelers looking for new items to add to their product line.They would do well to consider name cut outs.Buying fiber laser marking machinery they can provide custom designs for customers.

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Fiber laser cutting machine: How to choose your working table –Clara

Iron Casting working table

Last article we talked about the pipe welded working table of the fiber laser cutting machine. Today we will continue the topic of working table of fiber laser cutting machine. We will tell you the reasons why not choosing Iron Casting working table.

Iron casting working table, which is pouring metal water into a finished mould in breifly, will perform worse than others in tensile strength, plasticity and toughness.

Due to the air and uneven heating, there is bound to some bubbles during the production process. Since there are bubbles, and these bubbles will inevitably affect the accuracy and balance of the working table.

And due to the brittleness of iron casting, once there is a screw loosing, you can never put them back and the machine bed will be broken apart gradually.

What’s more, current factories who produce machine beds, most of them only choose some mixed, not good quality irons. As a result, machine quality cannot be assured.

Also, in market, total weight of iron casting machine bed is not heavier than 3 tons, which is absolutely terrible. This is surely because manufacturers want to make more profits, so they use less materials. Because one standard 1530 iron casting bed is at least 4-5 tons normally.

All in all, some suppliers only use IRON CASTING working table for an advertisement.

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How to choose your working table of fiber laser cutting machine—Clara

For make a better choice on the fiber laser cutting machine, the working table is the top-3 points to consider. Cause a better table will continuously offer high-accuracy cutting results without deformation. In this article, we will talk about how to choose a suitable working table.

Normally, there are three kinds of main working tables in fiber laser cutting machine, pipe welded, iron casting and thick plate welded.

1: Pipe welded working table of fiber laser cutting machine

It is kind of working table which is gradually replaced by others. Acutually we also use this table 1 year ago. But we found it can match our company’s pursuits and requirements, so we decided to find a better working table for our clients.

This kind of table will be the same price as others. But its structure and solidity will much less than others. Cause many seperated pipes make it. And when those pipes are welded together, the working table is finished. So after about a year or even several month, it will be deformation with accuracy error then.

What’s more, this working table can not through high temperature quenching, cause it will get into a pile of pipes after it.

Here is a picture of the pipe welded working table, you can see the structure of it.

So if there are some companies who offer you the pipe welded working table of the machine, just pass them. They are not a responsible company, not mention a laser machine manufacture.

In the next articles, we will continue the topic: how to choose your working table of fiber laser cutting machine. But if you want to know more information about the fiber laser cutting machine, please feel free to contact me.

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Is Laser Engraving Better for Engraving Mold : Charry

Is Laser Engraving Better for Engraving Mold 

Is Laser Engraving Better for Engraving Mold

Many customers asked about how to engraving on Metal mold?The fiber laser marking machine is suitable for mold engraving?

Fiber laser engraving are emerging in the mold making. Cause machining small cavities in molds is difficult, time consuming, and usually need extensive hand polishing.

Deep laser engraving provides an alternative non-contact machining process.It is effective on hardened tool steels and able to access difficult to reach locations.

What Is Deep Laser Engraving?

Is Laser Engraving Better for Engraving Mold








Deep laser engraving is a machining process that removes up to an inch of material. It is frequently to add detail to molds such as patterns and features. It’s different from laser marking,just mark on the surface of the material.

Laser engraving uses higher powered fiber laser systems , typically for laser marking and engraving. The system uses engraving software as well as a range of motion control devices for precise control, and has the ability to engrave flat and contoured surfaces.

Is Laser Engraving Better for Engraving Mold

Deep laser engraving can reduce costs and expand the scope of work performed by tool and die makers. Some of the benefits of laser engraving include:

  • Replace milling machines: Laser engraving can replace conventional machining methods for small cavities and reduce overall mold costs.
  • Long life: Laser components last longer and require less maintenance than CNC milling machines.
  • Surface finish: Laser engraving gives a better surface finish that usually does not require hand polishing.
  • Heat-affected zone: Laser engraving has a lower impact on the surface hardness of molds and avoids the risk of micro-fracturing .
  • Cost: Running costs are much lower.

A significant benefit of using lasers for engraving molds is that it works equally well on hardened steel surfaces. In this context, it has similar properties , also known as spark eroding. However, it’s generally faster, easier to set up, and requires no expensive consumables such as electrolyte and electrodes.

Following with one deep engraving video:



Stainless steel fiber laser cutting machine :Charry

Stainless steel fiber laser cutting machine

Stainless steel fiber laser cutting machine.

In the past years,cutting machine is more and more useful in industry.

As you know,many industrial suppliers use the steel cabinet,especially the stainless steel material careers.

More and more customer need to buy steel cabinet. So the fiber laser cutting machine is getting more and more popular.

Firstly,Stainless steel fiber laser cutting machine can cut metal very fast.Secondly,Laser cutting machine save the cost of making cabinet. Such as fiber laser cutting machine working efficiently. Fiber laser cutting machine cutting metallic materials with excellent characteristics.Thirdly,the cutting plates doesn’t appear uneven edges,burrs,sharp. Finally,the laser cutting machine metals doesn’t need to add other process.It can be used in making cabinet directly.

Stainless steel fiber laser cutting machine.

Fiber laser technology is scalable, power levels are reaching performance parity .As Steel is still the most common material and many cutting process need it.

Other cutting technologies competing with lasers,like including flame cutting, plasma, and water jet.

Each has benefits for specific applications.

For a typical mild steel production cutting environment, customers always compare the Plasma and fiber laser cutting machine. If you want to cut about 3/6 inch,fiber laser cutting machine is faster than Plasma.

But as plate thickness increases, plasma matches and then exceeds laser speed.Where the laser shines, however, is in cut part accuracy, mainly due to the very small width, and heat affected zone. In accuracy terms, lasers can achieve .005-.010 inch levels, while plasma can not get a such levels,about two to three times of this figure.

So what’s the best option? For thin sheet, fiber laser is the dominant technology for high rate cutting, while in thicker sections, CO2 is still preferred for high definition work with good cutting speeds. If accuracy isn’t as critical, plasma is a viable option for thick parts, but as fiber lasers grow in capability, look for high-volume part makers to make the switch.

Following with the fiber laser stainless steel cutting video:

The samples pictures also share with you:

Stainless steel fiber laser cutting machine










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Following with our machine factory pictures:

Stainless steel fiber laser cutting machine








Today one of Saudi Arabia customer had a learning of machine training in our factory:

Stainless steel fiber laser cutting machine






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Sheet metal fiber laser cutter for steel: Charry

Sheet metal fiber laser cutter for steel

Sheet metal fiber laser cutter for steel.

For now,fiber laser cutting machine,the best one is IPG laser source.

IPG is quite a mouthful brand.

IPG is to cut stainless steel to improve strength, to produce gamma rays, and also as an active laser media.

Firstly,the laser wave length allows the laser energy to be delivered by a fiber optic cable.  This eliminates all the perishable and expensive mirrors in conventional lasers.

Secondly, the fiber laser consumes 1/3 the electric.

Thirdly,the laser beam wave length allows it to cut stainless steel, copper, and aluminum dramatically better than other lasers.  And finally, most importantly, it is fast!  It can process 2-3 times faster than regular lasers, or even more, depending on the application.

Sheet metal fiber laser cutter for steel

In simple terms, the laser machine acts like a giant magnifying glass to concentrate the light energy into a powerful and narrow beam.

The laser cut pieces have advantages over traditional punching since there is not a burr with laser cutting.  MWG utilizes the lasers to produce large fabrications and parts for production welding.

Delivering quality cutting machines for industries.

  • The frequency and power of each machine are different.
  • The driver, motor, laser source, water chiller, and servo driver are the most vital parts inside the cutting machine.
  • If you want accuracy in all your metal cutting endeavors, then gong with a fiber laser cutting machine is the best idea. If you want to measure metal cutting with that of a vernier, then it must be done only with laser.
  • More speed, best accuracy, pipe cutting, low consumption, great versatility, big and compact dimensions you need to notice that when you look for while buying laser cutting machines.
  • You can either choose a multi-mode or single laser as these are the two fiber laser kinds that are found. Think about your laser cutting requirement and choose the one that you think is the best.

Following with one cutting video:

Sharing the cutting samples pictures,SS,CS,Alu,Brass:

Sheet metal fiber laser cutter








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