XTLASER-Safety instructions-Serena

  1. Before using this machine tool formally, please master the relevant operation methods of the
    machine tool and understand the various parts of the machine tool. Operating conditions and correct operation are effective measures to ensure the normal
    operation of the machine tool and personal safety. use
    When the machine tool is used, please strictly follow the preparations and inspections before use
    to conduct relevant inspections. 2. Preparation and inspection before use
    a) Check that the power connection is normal. b) Check whether the lubricating oil level of the machine tool is within the normal range, otherwise add lubricating oil to the normal range. c) Check the coaxiality of the laser and the gas nozzle to ensure that the laser beam is emitted
    from the center of the gas nozzle. d) Check whether the air nozzle meets the cutting process requirements, otherwise, replace the
    appropriate cutting air nozzle. e) Check whether the auxiliary gas for cutting is connected normally, otherwise connect the
    corresponding auxiliary gas for cutting, and ensure that the gas pressure has been adjusted to the
    normal range. 3. Safety and safety protection, safety signs and instructions before and during use
    Indicates “Caution”, failure to follow proper operation may result in personal injury or
    cause damage to the equipment.
    Indicates that there is a laser beam passing through, do not pass through the beam, otherwise it
    will cause damage to the human body
    Burns are even life-threatening.
    Indicates that there is a danger of high voltage power supply, do not approach high voltage, otherwise it will cause damage to the human body
    Electric shock can even be life-threatening. Precautions:
    a) No one, at any time, should put their eyes in the direction of the laser (including the red
    indicator light)
    Towards. b) When opening the mechanical shutter, prohibit people and non-working objects from being
    within the laser irradiation range. c) The operator should wear protective glasses, and it is strictly forbidden for the operator to
    leave during the operation of the machine. d) If an abnormality occurs during the use of the machine tool, the emergency stop switch should
    be pressed immediately. e) During use, the cooling water temperature and working gas pressure should be checkedfrequently. f) Operate the equipment with the operating license, observe the safety operation rules, and it is
    strictly forbidden for non-workers of this machine tool to operate. g) The laser equipped with this machine tool is a Class 4 laser product. The fiber laser is invisible
    light, and the diffuse reflection of the emitted beam may cause damage to the human body
    (especially the eyes). Fire should be prevented. h) Exhaust gas generated during laser cutting is harmful to human operators. Please ensure that
    the dust collector of the machine tool
    normal work.
    i) Always keep the equipment clean and tidy, refuel according to regulations, and ensure
    reasonable lubrication;
    Good tools and accessories should not be lost; if a fault is found, stop the machine immediately
    to check, and should not deal with it by yourself. Notify maintenance in time.
    j) To prevent electric shock injury, non-professional maintenance personnel are strictly prohibited
    from checking and overhauling the electrical control part of this machine tool.

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