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The introduction of XTC-F1530H fiber laser cutting machine

This article is about the introduction of XTC-F1530H fiber laser cutting machine.1530H is one of our popular model in our fiber laser cutting machines.Hope it will help you learn more about it.

1.Laser source

We have IPG,Raycus,MAX laser source can be chose.IPG is German brand ,it is more stable than other brand.Here are IPG’s advantageds.

1)Its high photoelectric conversion rate Can reach 45%. Raycus or Maxphotonics are only about 25%.IPG can help users lower down production cost, improve production efficiency , in the long run, users can gain more profit .

2)German brand ,good quality,laser power weakened slower than other brand.Users can use IPG laser source machine for 4-5 years longer time than other brand laser source, so higher vaule will be created by IPG.

3)High market share, a certain degree of reaction to brand strength and quality.Overseas big machine suppliers, such as Bystronic,LVD .etc, also are using IPG laser source.

4)low failure rate, only 3%, such low failure rate can make sure that  your production can not be affected very much.

5)light power can be seen in real time

6) IPG has been in laser industry for very long time, it has very good after-sale service support all over the world, problems can be resolved in time.

Raycus and MAX are Chinese brand,also have good quliaty.And their price are a little cheaper than IPG.

2.Laser power

For XTC-F1530H model,you can choose 1000w,1500w,2000w, 3000w and 4000w.

3.Cutting area

Our standard model is 1500×3000mm.You can also choose 1500×4500mm,2000×4000mm and 2000×60000mm working table accroding to your demands.

4.Main configurations

Control system:Cypcut software form FSCUT;

Speed Reducer:Germany EREFAT

Motor:Japan Fuji/French Schneider servo motor

Guide rail:Taiwan HIWIN

Rack & pinion:Taiwan T-WIN

Laser cutting head:Raytools

Water chiller:Hanli

4.Machine introduction

Here is the introduction video:


5.Machine photo


If you want to know more details about the F1530H fiber laser cutting machine,pls feel free to contact us.


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