XT LASER silver laser cutting machine service – Jennifer

Before buying the silver laser cutting machine, many buyers will worry about the machine operation. Yes, the operation of silver laser marking machine is important. Without the satisfied service, customer is hard to convince themselves to make decision. This email is to introduce the service of gold laser marking engraving machine in overseas market. Hoping it can be helpful, once reading the following contents.

Firstly. Before Shipping out for silver laser cutting machine

– Our fiber laser marker will accept 48 hours testing, once finished.
And all the necessary data will be saved in the D drive & one additional Pendrive will be given
for free. All the necessary data will be saved in there also.

Secondly. After receiving the machine:

– XT LASER has 24 hours online service to support and guide people how to use the machine well.
The followings are the customer feedback from US customer.

Thirdly. Thirdly warranty service:

– For this machine, XT LASER offer 3 year warranty for the whole machine & 3 year warranty for the laser source.
Except human factors broken, any part is broken, XT LASER will arrange and send the new part for free.
Shipping cost will be paid XT LASER part.