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Application of Laser Marking Machine in LED Bulbs Industry

This article is about application of laser marking machine in LED bulbs industry.

We have many clients who do the LED Bulbs industry. And most of them want to mark on their logo on LED Bulbs.  Also  they want to have a fast speed and permanent effect. Almost of them choose ink jet laser marking machine before. But the effect is not good. It is easy to wipe off.And they have to wait ink dry as a bone then start to pack them, so it affect their work efficiency. Do you have same problem

So more and more clients choose fiber laser marking machine.Because fiber laser marking is permanent marking. Also low cost and high speed.

1.laser power

According to our experience,20w can achieve a good effect.So 20w is enough.

20w is for surface marking.30w and 50w is for faster surface marking and deep engraving.When led customers come,they always mark surface.So 20w is okay.But if u need very faster speed,u can choose 30w.As we know,watt higher,speed faster.

2.LED Bulbs marking device with high 

We design a special device for LED Bulbs marking-Turntable. It can mark 8 bulbs one by one at one time.Here is the device video.

3. Machine recommend

Most of our LED Bulbs marking clients choose desktop type fiber laser marking machine. Because it has four wheels and is easy to move.

1mm gold laser cutting machine

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