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In the past 18 years, XT LASER has used laser technology to accelerate the growth of enterprises, and repaid the company and trust of customers with considerate services. At present, XT LASER sales and service network has covered more than 160 countries and regions around the world.

It is precisely because of the trust and support of customers that XT LASER has flourished today. XT LASER has always been customer-centric, focusing on the customer’s purchase experience and use experience, serving customers and the entire life cycle of the machine, allowing customers Really experience “worry-free service”. Starting from May 2022, XT LASER has started a “Global Service Tour”, providing on-site services for global customers, conducting training, equipment maintenance, upgrading cutting plans, etc., and passing XT LASER care to every customer.

The XT LASER after-sales service team first came to D&H Company in Busan, South Korea. This is a company mainly engaged in the processing of precision parts. With the improvement of the market’s requirements for product technology and the company’s increasing demand for high-end high-precision servo motors and control systems, in order to produce more high-end precision components. The company purchased XT LASER G2560 laser cutting machine, which is a high-power 10,000-watt laser cutting equipment, which can realize rapid cutting of thick plates, improve quality and efficiency, and achieve safe, environmentally friendly and efficient production.

The XT LASER after-sales service team walked into the production site to record, check and upgrade the equipment usage status, user experience, market feedback and suggestions one by one. The customer’s technicians affirmed the performance, stability and processing accuracy of XT LASER laser cutting machine, and praised XT LASER’s perfect tracking after-sales service. The operators in the workshop told us that the equipment has been running well for a long time, and the operation is smooth and convenient, which greatly reduces the previous cumbersome processing process, the processing efficiency is increased by more than 30%, and the process cost is reduced by 40%-60%.

“We will measure the accuracy of the cutting workpiece, and the XT LASER laser cutting machine can meet our cutting requirements, and the quality of the cut surface is very good.” D&H’s product manager told XT LASER’s after-sales engineer. “With the improvement of product quality, the company’s order volume has continued to grow steadily in recent years.”

In the end, the XT LASER team conducted in-depth communication with relevant leaders and technical personnel, and listened to customer needs and valuable suggestions.

After the return visit and exchange with D&H company, XT LASER after-sales service team came to South Korea PLANT company, which is a manufacturing company mainly engaged in sheet metal processing. They chose to buy XT LASER H1530 laser cutting machine, which is a The open laser cutting machine is an economical and practical laser cutting equipment that integrates superior price and stable performance. It ensures high quality while achieving simple operation, simple maintenance, and simple upgrading. It greatly reduces labor costs for enterprises and achieves real meaning. cost reduction and efficiency increase.

During this on-site service process, the customer’s technical operators expressed their satisfaction with the operating system of XT LASER equipment. The software is simple to operate and very convenient to use. XT LASER’s professional prenatal training and real-time online training are very thoughtful and practical. Quick to master, the operation is very convenient. At the same time, I would like to express my gratitude to the after-sales engineers: “XT LASER’s after-sales engineers provided training patiently and provided timely guidance when in doubt. The service is really attentive and considerate.”

XT LASER Leading Global Service

XT LASER after-sales service team “Global Service Line South Korea Station” is still in progress in an orderly manner. In recent years, XT LASER has continuously improved its strong after-sales service system, providing customers with considerate and guaranteed after-sales supporting services. It not only provides free operation training for purchasing equipment, but also provides free door-to-door installation services. Each device of XT LASER is equipped with WIFI wireless remote diagnosis function, which can provide remote fault analysis and troubleshooting services anytime and anywhere. XT LASER’s professional after-sales support team will conduct customer return visits from time to time in order to guide customers to use the equipment correctly, avoid operating errors, and make the equipment run better and better.

Customer-centered, talent-based, product-based, and service-backed – this is the business philosophy that XT LASER has always adhered to, so that customers can feel worry-free service, buy with confidence, and use it with ease, that is XT LASER The concrete demonstration of laser service concept and customer care. XT LASER insists on being a warm enterprise while adhering to China’s intelligent manufacturing. Under the public expectation, XT LASER will continue to forge ahead, and strive to provide customers with full worry-free services before, during and after sales!

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