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—Germany Hannover Metalworking Exhibition XT LASER is here —

2022 Hannover Metalworking Exhibition

Time: 10.25-10.28

Location: Hannover Messe

    XT LASER Booth Booth No.: G34, Hall 16

If the severe cold can’t stop the blooming time of Lamei, and the epidemic can’t stop our determination to meet each other, after three years, XT LASER has once again embarked on the journey to Germany, and will meet you at the 2022 Hannover Metalworking Exhibition in Germany. This time, We have brought you more high-end intelligent manufacturing equipment, this time we have brought more comprehensive services, this time our strength is stronger, this time XT LSAER is fully prepared, this time we will see you at the exhibition !

EURO BLECH is the world’s largest, most professional and influential sheet metal processing exhibition in Hannover, Germany. After more than 40 years of continuous development, it has become the top event and international market for the entire sheet metal processing industry in the world today. XT LASER participated in this exhibition to make friends, communicate, study and negotiate with colleagues, and bring better products and services to the majority of users.

On October 25th, the Hannover Metalworking Exhibition in Germany will be grandly opened at the Hannover Exhibition Center. XT LASER will make a strong appearance with its GP series cutting machines, cleaning machines and welding machines. Huan, there are even more free gifts at the exhibition site. During the exhibition, there will be continuous activities and surprises, and there will be special policies for global sharing. Meet at the exhibition, and XT will wait for you to come.

German exhibition, the heat is coming,

XT LASER is just spreading its wings

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