Winter laser cutting machine maintenance tips – XT LASER Annie

1.Add antifreeze

As our important production tool, laser cutting machine requires regular maintenance to improve its service life and maintain good cutting efficiency. As the temperature gradually decreases across the country, the daily antifreeze work of laser cutting machines needs to be put on the agenda again.

Below zero degrees Celsius, liquid water will freeze and increase in volume, causing pipeline blockage and causing damage to components (such as chillers, lasers, cutting heads, etc.). Take the Raycus laser as an example, drain 30% of the corresponding amount of water and then add the same volume of antifreeze from the water inlet to prevent the pipe from freezing.

[Precautions] The replacement cycle of antifreeze is 90 days. In the case of no freezing in spring, replace the antifreeze with pure water, and it cannot be reused.

2.Water cooler part

When the laser cutting machine is shut down, please do not turn off the water cooler, keep it in normal working condition, keep the low temperature between 5~10°C, and cannot reach the freezing point, so it will not cause damage to the laser cutting machine

3.The machine is suspended for a long time

When the laser cutting machine is out of service for a long time, we need to empty the water in the optical fiber, cutting head, laser, water cooler, water tank and other places.

[Precautions] There is a water pipe about ten centimeters left at the fiber optic nozzle, and air blowing is required to ensure that the water in the pipe has been emptied.
It is necessary to blow air into the cooling water pipes of the laser, cutting head, etc. to ensure that the water has been emptied.

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