What’s the relationship between cutting speed and effect?-Vincy

What’s the relationship between cutting speed and effect?-Vincy

What’s the relationship between cutting speed and effect?

Now with the development of laser industry, more and more people choose laser cutting machine.

The choice of speed is very important when the CNC fiber laser cutter is on work. If the speed is too slow, the effect will affect production.If the speed is fast, but the quality is not good.

It will not be worth the loss. In fact, the fiber laser cutting machine is not so simple in terms of control speed.

The cutting speed is often tested according to a range provided by the technician to find a suitable cutting speed.

The cutting speed is also different because of the metal thickness, the composition of the metal, and the difference in ductility and thermal conductivity.


Properly improving the speed of the laser cutting machine not only improves the quality of the slit, but also makes the slit narrow and flat, and also reduces the deformation of the slit.


If the cutting speed is too fast, the line energy of the cutting will be lower than the required amount.

During the slitting process, the blowing cannot quickly blow off the molten material, which will result in a large amount of back drag, which affects the integrity of the slit. Even the case of secondary processing may occur.

3,Low Speed

If the speed is too low, the cutting position will be exposed to the high temperature of the laser for a long time, which not only causes the cutting seam to become large, but also may affect the appearance of the slit due to too much heat conduction. Forming the phenomenon of hanging slag.

At very low speeds, the slit melts too much, the slit is wider, and even the arc is extinguished, and the cutting cannot occur.


Therefore,what’s the relation between cutting speed and effect?We hope everyone should be careful when operating the optical fiber laser cutter.

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