What value does laser cutting machines bring to metal processing?

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Laser cutting machines are machines used to process metal materials and can process materials of different shapes and shapes. Because the laser generated by the laser is mainly used as processing equipment. That’s why it’s called a laser cutting machine. The laser cutting machine irradiates the workpiece with laser, and the cutting head moves at high speed to form beautiful and neat cuts. It can achieve automatic cutting, dust removal, and workpiece separation. It is easy to operate and can be processed in batches at once.

Laser cutting machines have the following processing characteristics:

1. The laser cutting machine has strong processing flexibility and does not require mold opening. Whether it is a single product, various small batch products, or different graphic processing requirements, immediate processing can be carried out.

2. Advanced processing technology, after laser focusing, the spot diameter is small, the processing is fine, the heat affected zone in the processed material is small, and the workpiece is basically not deformed. Laser beams can pass through transparent materials to treat the interior of barriers or sealed containers, and can be focused on wavelength level high-energy points for micro region processing, and can complete some unsuitable processes. It can be achieved using conventional methods.

3. Low processing cost and simple operation. Laser processing does not require additional work or consumables. As long as the laser works normally, it can be continuously processed for a long time. Fast processing speed, low cost, automatic production can be controlled by computer, simple operation, and convenient switching.

4. In compliance with environmental requirements, laser processing is non-toxic, harmless, clean, and hygienic, meeting the production environmental requirements of various countries, avoiding restrictions caused by corrosion, screen printing, and other processes.

So what value can laser cutting machines bring to metal processing? XT Laser will provide you with a brief analysis.

Firstly, the metal laser cutting machine has high cutting accuracy and good stability: it adopts a precision ball screw driving mechanism and optimizes the control of the CNC system to meet the needs of part processing. High precision, stable dynamic performance, and can work for long periods of time.

Secondly, the quality of the cutting section is good: using a mechanical tracking cutting head system, the cutting head follows the height of the plate, and the cutting point position remains unchanged. Therefore, the cutting joint is flat and smooth, and the cross-section does not require post processing, making it suitable for cutting flat or curved plates.

At the same time, the cutting width is large, suitable for cutting materials, and has a wide range of applications: it can cut sheet metal within 2500mm * 1250mm. Machinable materials include: ordinary carbon steel, stainless steel, alloy steel, aluminum plate, copper plate, titanium plate, etc.

In addition, metal laser cutting machines have cost-effectiveness and low-cost advantages: for sheet metal cutting, they can replace CO2 laser cutting machines, CNC punching machines, and shearing machines. The cost of the entire machine is equivalent to 1/4 of that of a carbon dioxide laser cutting machine and 1/2 of that of a CNC punching machine. The metal laser cutting laser machine uses a YAG solid-state laser. The main consumables are electricity, cooling water, auxiliary gas, and laser lamps. The average cost per hour is about 28 yuan.

Finally, the cutting speed is fast, the efficiency is high, and the net profit is high.

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