What is the most efficient way for rust and painting removal–XT LASER Caesar

Now laser cleaning is an efficient and environmentally- friendly cleaning technology. Compared with chemical cleaning and mechanical cleaning, it has certain advantages. It does not require any chemical reagents, no grinding, no stress, no consumables, less damage to the substrate, and high cleanliness. The laser is guided by optical fiber transmission, which can clean the hard-to-reach parts, and has a wide range of applications, such as rust removal, paint removal, mud removal, wafer surface treatment, etc. This technology has been gradually applied in various fields. With the continuous development of the market and the extensive application, more and more enterprises and factories have begun to use this laser cleaning technology to replace the traditional cleaning technology. At this time, a fundamental problem that needs to be solved – cleaning efficiency.

    The laser in the laser cleaning head of the company's laser cleaning system is transmitted to the laser cleaning gun head through the transmission fiber. One end is connected to the pulsed laser light source, and the other end is connected to the collimating mirror. The parallel light that passes through the collimating mirror passes through the galvanometer. Deflection, which acts on the surface of the cleaning sample after being focused by the focusing mirror. Usually, in order to deflect the optical path to the galvanometer, a reflector is added in the middle, so that lines are formed on the cleaning workpiece with the swing of the galvanometer during laser cleaning. For the spot, by adjusting the frequency and period of the galvanometer swing, the overall cleaning effect will be ideal, and the cleaning method of the laser cleaning gun head will also affect the overall laser cleaning efficiency.
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